Matti Rockenbauch

Matti Rockenbauch LL.M. (Michigan), is an attorney and works mainly in the field of copyright and media law. He advises German and international clients on the development and production of films and series for cinema, TV and streaming providers. As one of his main areas of practice he also covers all aspects of the “Production Legal", i.e. advising producers on the entire process of the production of their films and series, including all kinds of agreements with cast & crew.

He has worked in various areas of film and media law, including an industry association for data protection law and a film distribution company in Berlin. After initially working at UNVERZAGT VON HAVE, he joined the newly founded VON HAVE FEY, where he has since worked at the firm’s Berlin office.

The subject “film” has always been in the center of Matti’s professional interests and activities. After completing his studies in Göttingen, Vienna and Ann Arbor, Michigan, he worked academically for several years in the field of media-related youth protection law, researching in particular the history of statutory film regulation in Germany and beyond. One of the results of this work was the publication of the book “Filme im Grenzbereich”, in which he was involved both as co-editor and author of several articles on controversial and scandalous films.

Matti obtained two additional legal degrees, a Magister Legum Europae (MLE) from the Georg-August-University of Göttingen and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Michigan Law School.

He lives in Berlin.