We protect creators. Whatever work they create – in words, pictures, photographs, films, sounds or notes – they must be able to protect it as their intellectual property. If necessary, in court. But not only then, but already in every negotiation if they want to make their work their asset. Intellectual property is the creators' business. We know what creators need to protect it – when, where, and how.

Personal rights concern us all.

Anyone who is affected by press coverage or hostility in social media, or who is threatened with negative coverage, can defend themselves. Our press law experts have many years of experience and are battle-hardened in defending personality rights, from global stars to "ordinary citizens."

But we don't just argue, we also like to share our knowledge. Award-winning feature film, documentary and podcast producers rely on our advice, as do the editors of a popular satirical program, for example, when it comes to protecting personality rights.

Data protection is personality rights protection as well. Anyone who does not want to see certain hits for their name in search engines can invoke their data protection rights. We help with the application against Google, Microsoft and such, if necessary up to cease and desist orders. And we are also happy to advise those who want to respect data privacy rights, for example as employers or website operators.

Whether documentary, comedy, or drama – we represent independent filmmakers so they can make the films they want to make. We are a one-stop-shop for all things film. We advise all around, along the entire journey a film takes: from development to production, from financing to distribution. We do more than just paperwork. We don’t just clear rights, we protect and defend them. We don't just write contracts, we negotiate deals. We see not only the legal side of filmmaking, but also the artistic and the business side – and our worldwide connections in the film industry help us time and again to seize opportunities that others might miss. We’re not just lawyers, we’re matchmakers too.

Like any artistic endeavor, each film has its own challenges: Investigative research, complex financing plans, unforeseen budget overruns, tough negotiations, looming lawsuits – whatever it is, we rise to the challenges our clients face.

… and what's more: We don't just see one project alone, we see the whole enterprise. We are experienced in advising film production companies on their business strategies to help them develop into sustainable, successful businesses.

Whether it’s a local broadcaster or a global streamer, we know the inner workings of the television industry. Video streaming – anytime, anywhere – is blurring the lines between old and new television more and more, but the experience of watching television will not disappear, quite the opposite: Screens are everywhere. Television is and remains big business.

We represent creative talent who make television – behind and in front of the camera. We represent some of the best in their field. Whether it's an entertainment format or a television series, we know what matters in the business of television.

We protect your personality rights and defend your reputation against the media, whether it's a BILD newspaper article, TV report or YouTube video. With many years of litigation experience, our experts not only know how to protect your privacy as a prominent actress or soccer star. We also represent many well-known companies and their executives against business-damaging negative reporting and advise in media crisis situations before unwelcome reporting occurs.

We advise on all issues relating to the use of social media platforms. We represent in questions of influencer marketing as well as in cases of legal violations on social networks. We also help against deletions of content and blocking of user accounts.

We represent talent who has something to say. We help our clients make their own podcasts – and we make sure they can release and exploit them. Across all audio platforms.

Many of our clients are on stage, whether for comedy shows, concerts or other performances. We advise on all questions of event law, whether on contracts with bookers, promoters or sponsors or on disputes of all kinds.

We represent musicians vis-à-vis their partners in the exploitation of their music, their brands as well as their artist personalities. We review, advise and negotiate contracts with distributors, music publishers, labels, bookers, management, promoters and merchandising partners. We also help with the foundation of own labels and publishing houses.

We advise on advertising cooperations of all kinds. From classic testimonial contracts and social media campaigns to the establishment and promotion of private brands with strong licensing partners.